a place of friendship and learning together

What are homegroups?

They’re friendly small groups that meet in someone’s home, weekly or fortnightly. Some are daytime, most are evenings. It’s a place to read and discuss the Bible together, to pray and get to know one another.

Why are homegroups important?

It’s an opportunity to get to know others and feel connected.

It’s a chance to build friendships and receive support from each other.

Homegroups help us to read the bible, learn and grow together in understanding its relevance for our lives.

Praying together can help us grow in our faith and support us in our daily living.

Homegroups help us connect with our communities and share our faith.

Many of the homegroups also organise social events – a great chance to get to know others and have a good time.

What will be expected of me?

You’re not expected to be a Bible expert or pray out loud. You can join in with as much or as little as you like.

Come with an open mind, ready to explore with others following Jesus.

If being part of a homegroup is new to you, come and try it out and see if it’s the group for you.

How can I join a homegroup?

It’s easy! Just contact our homegroup coordinators, fill out your details below and they will get in touch with you.