Electoral Roll Update

Electoral Roll Update

We are required by the Diocese of Exeter to fully revise our Electoral Roll this year, and must give advance warnings of this to the congregations at Trinity over the next two weeks. Additional reminders will also be given. If you consider yourself to be a member of our church family, or are a regular attender at our services, you should take this opportunity to sign up.

This will allow you to vote at church meetings (including the Annual Church Meeting on 26th March). Even if you are on the Roll at present you will be required to sign up again to be on the new 2019 roll, as the existing entries will all be deleted.

Forms for the 2019 Roll are available here (and will also be available on Sundays) they should be completed and returned to the Electoral Officer (Tony Swain) or one of the Churchwardens (Jonathan Porter Goff or Paul Johnson) prior to the deadline of 5th March. The new Roll will be displayed in our churches for a minimum of 14 days prior to the ACM for the correction of factual errors.

Please get in touch with Tony or email if you have any questions.