Discovering Infinite Affinity

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Leanne and Roland - Trinity ChurchThis autumn we are providing an opportunity for couples to reflect on their relationships through the “Infinite Affinity” course. Here’s what Roland and Leanne who are running it have to say about it:

When we first met, we had many things in common (and many differences too!), three of which have remained vital to our relationship:

The first is that, in our late twenties, having been through a few failed relationships between us, we were both very clear about what we were not looking for in a life-long partner. Gone were the days of detailing attributes of who our perfect partner might be – we were experienced enough to know that you can’t always plan who you fall in love with and that people are always changing & growing!

So, as long as you’re clear about your non-negotiables then the rest is an exciting adventure of discovery… together.

The second is that we both had a respect for honesty. The start of our relationship was the easiest we’d ever experienced because we were both so honest and open with how we felt… even when those feelings seemed to speed along like lightning (we got engaged after just three months!)! There were no games just honesty.

And that’s something we work hard to maintain to this day and trust us, sometimes honesty is the hardest thing

The third was a seemingly natural ability to communicate with one another. I guess that goes hand-in-hand with the honesty one and for us, may have been helped along by the 44 miles between us, as lengthy phone calls were precious when seeing each other wasn’t always practical. Many years on, I think we would both admit that communication in a relationship isn’t just a “natural ability” – sometimes the signal can be a bit ‘dodgy’, especially when family life gets busy, but for us, the intention is always there and that’s the most important bit…

And that’s why we’ve written the ‘Infinite Affinity’ program. We are both passionate about seeing people in good relationships. Relationships where both parties are thriving individually and together.

Affinity means ‘having a natural like for and understanding of someone’. To keep that going infinitely, we believe relationships need to always be intentional and not accidental. So that’s why we want to give couples the space to take time out of busy lives to put some intentional thinking and talking in to their relationship. We want to see people make the best of their bond and to do that takes effort and thought.

We are not therapists and this is not counselling. This is simply a checkpoint along your journey together to ensure you have everything you need to keep moving forward together, in the best way possible.

Infinite Affinity will be starting on 12th October. For more information please email