Book Your Place At The Trinity Church Weekend

Book Your Place At The Trinity Church Weekend

Dear Trinity member

We’re disappointed that, for obvious reasons, the decision has had to be made this morning to cancel our church w/e ‘Looking Up, Looking Out’ programme. We won’t be meeting at all at the Newcourt Community Centre tomorrow (Saturday). Neil Todman, our speaker, is sad, but relieved not be having to try and make his way down to Exeter from Bristol.

From the Met Office forecast, it looks as though Sunday will be wet, but warmer – or should we say ‘less  cold’!  So we are all hoping that the all age family service on Sunday will take place as normal at Clyst Heath, followed by the church family lunch. Jon and Claire’s home group – who are organising the church family lunch say:

“Bring what you have already agreed to bring. But don’t worry if you haven’t been able to get out to buy it – because there will be some assorted food items already bought or prepared for Saturday’s church w/e programme. And whether or not you were able to bring anything in the first place – come along and join us for lunch anyway.”

After we see road and weather conditions hopefully improve, we will get another bulletin out tomorrow confirming the above arrangements forSunday, and giving any necessary additional information.

Best wishes

On behalf of Jonny and the church leadership

John & Kate

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