Join Us For Jungle Adventure!

Flo & Joe are going on a Jungle Adventure and they want you to come along with them as they meet with lots of characters from the book of Acts, in the Bible.  There will be fun, laughter, craft, games and lots of silliness as we ask lots of questions including “Who is Jesus” and “What has he got to do with me?”

As well as our ever popular morning club at Clyst Heath School for those about to start school all the way through to Year 6, we’re delighted to be able to offer an afternoon club just for those up to Year 2.  This will be running at Trinity School and is primarily aimed at those living in Newcourt and the area around Trinity School.

Sign up here!


The Trinity Annual Parochial Church Meeting

This Tuesday 26th March at 7:30pm, we have the chance to meet together for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting at Trinity School. As well as the business of the meeting itself, it is also a great opportunity to praise God for the past year, and pray for the 12 months to come.

There are a couple of documents that may be helpful to read before then.

The agenda for this meeting.

The minutes of the last meeting.

The Annual Report for 2018.

Hope to see you this Tuesday 26th March at 7:30pm, meeting at Trinity School.


Sunday 3rd February

Don’t Forget!

Starting this Sunday, our Clyst Heath Service is going to start trying out a 11am start! (Aiming to finish by 12 noon)

Hope to see you then!

Electoral Roll Update

We are required by the Diocese of Exeter to fully revise our Electoral Roll this year, and must give advance warnings of this to the congregations at Trinity over the next two weeks. Additional reminders will also be given. If you consider yourself to be a member of our church family, or are a regular attender at our services, you should take this opportunity to sign up.

This will allow you to vote at church meetings (including the Annual Church Meeting on 26th March). Even if you are on the Roll at present you will be required to sign up again to be on the new 2019 roll, as the existing entries will all be deleted.

Forms for the 2019 Roll are available here (and will also be available on Sundays) they should be completed and returned to the Electoral Officer (Tony Swain) or one of the Churchwardens (Jonathan Porter Goff or Paul Johnson) prior to the deadline of 5th March. The new Roll will be displayed in our churches for a minimum of 14 days prior to the ACM for the correction of factual errors.

Please get in touch with Tony or email if you have any questions.

Advent Family Reflections 4

Each Sunday during Advent we will be sharing a series of reflections we can do by ourselves or as a family. Here is the last in the series:

It is Christmas week! The fourth candle represents Mary, Jesus’ Mum light this candle (with the other 3) as you read about Mary together. Either:
    • Read Luke 1: 26-38 together.  Perhaps you would like to create a model of an angel
    • Read Luke 1:46-55 together. Write a list, poem or song reflecting all the things God has done for you.
On Christmas day light all five candles! 
The fifth one represents Jesus born today! Read John 1:1-18 together and enjoy celebrating Jesus’ birthday.
Happy Christmas!

Advent Family Reflections 3

Each Sunday during Advent we will be sharing a series of reflections we can do by ourselves or as a family. Here is the third in the series:

This week light three candles and as they burn read the suggested passage together.  Once you have read the bible verses you might like to discuss it together and pray.  There are some optional activities suggested to help keep the whole family engaged.  The third candle represents John the Baptist. Can you remember eating locusts in August when we looked at John the Baptist?
  • Read Isaiah 40:1-5 together.  Work together to fill a piece of paper (with words or pictures) with all that you know about John the Baptist and what he came to do.
  • Read Malachi 3:1-5 together.  John the Baptist, was a messenger who prepared the way for Jesus.  Pray about who you could invite to one of our Christmas services as you hand deliver an invitation to them.
  • Read Luke 1: 5-25 together.  Can you share what you’ve done today (or yesterday) without speaking?
  • Read Luke 1:57-65 together.  Thank God that he calls each of us by name to be part of his family.
  • Read Luke 1:66-79 together.  The first words Zechariah said having not been able to talk were praising God.  Think about how you use your words, will you use your words today to praise God and be loving and kind to others?