Advent Family Reflections

Each Sunday during Advent we will be sharing a series of reflections we can do by ourselves or as a family. Here is the first.

This week light one candle and as it burns read the suggested passage together. Once you have read the bible verses you might like to discuss it together and pray. There are some optional activities suggested to help keep the whole family engaged. The first candle represents the Patriarchs who were the founding father’s of the Israelites, God’s chosen people. God chooses Abraham to bless the whole world through his family. This week we see the promise handed down through Abraham’s family, to his son Isaac, then to his son Jacob. God promises they will be God’s people, in God’s land, under God’s rule and blessing.

•Read Genesis 12:1-7 together. You might like to pray for your family. Draw a picture of your family.
•For this reading you might like to wait until it is dark and read the passage outside looking at the stars. Read Genesis 15:1-6 together.
•Read Genesis 22:1-2 and 12-18 together. You might like to thank God for his provision and ask for his help to put him first in your lives. Perhaps create a picture of a ram, by drawing it or from cotton wool?
•Read Genesis 28:1-5 together. You might like to chat about a recent wedding you’ve been to, your own wedding or a family wedding. Perhaps have a look at photos or re-enact it!
•Read Genesis 28:10-15 together. You might not want to swap your pillow for a stone for tonight, but perhaps you could put a pebble under your pillow. Can you work out the family tree of the people we have read about this week?
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