Advent Family Reflections 3

Each Sunday during Advent we will be sharing a series of reflections we can do by ourselves or as a family. Here is the third in the series:

This week light three candles and as they burn read the suggested passage together.  Once you have read the bible verses you might like to discuss it together and pray.  There are some optional activities suggested to help keep the whole family engaged.  The third candle represents John the Baptist. Can you remember eating locusts in August when we looked at John the Baptist?
  • Read Isaiah 40:1-5 together.  Work together to fill a piece of paper (with words or pictures) with all that you know about John the Baptist and what he came to do.
  • Read Malachi 3:1-5 together.  John the Baptist, was a messenger who prepared the way for Jesus.  Pray about who you could invite to one of our Christmas services as you hand deliver an invitation to them.
  • Read Luke 1: 5-25 together.  Can you share what you’ve done today (or yesterday) without speaking?
  • Read Luke 1:57-65 together.  Thank God that he calls each of us by name to be part of his family.
  • Read Luke 1:66-79 together.  The first words Zechariah said having not been able to talk were praising God.  Think about how you use your words, will you use your words today to praise God and be loving and kind to others?
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