Advent Family Reflections 2

Each Sunday during Advent we will be sharing a series of reflections we can do by ourselves or as a family. Here is the second in the series:

This week light two candles and as they burn read the suggested passage together.  Once you have read the bible verses you might like to discuss it together and pray.  The second candle represents the Prophets – Jesus birth foretold.  Jacob had 12 sons, one sold to slavery in Egypt, who rescued the family and the nation from famine.  God then calls the people, Jacob’s descendants (the Israelites) out of Egypt to the promise land.  The Israelites mess up, they are God’s people and end up in God’s land but do not live under God’s rule and so do not experience God’s blessing and therefore they are taken from God’s land. So, they are in a mess and need a rescuer!
    •   Read Isaiah 7:14 together.  Immanuel means God-with-us.  What preparations do we make to welcome a new born baby?  What preparations do we make to welcome Jesus – God with skin on?
    •   Perhaps you would like to read today’s passage by candle light! It’s Isaiah 9:2-7 as it starts by talking about darkness!  What does this passage teach us about why Jesus came?
    •   Read Micah 5:2-5a together.  Think of a time when something significant happened from a very small beginning. Plant the cress seeds you collected on Sunday and watch them grow!
    •   Read Isaiah 53:1-6 together. Perhaps you would like to pray confessing the ways we turn to our own way and ignore God.
    •   Read Isaiah 53:7-12 together.  Jesus remained silent, can you last 30 minutes in silence?
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