Holiday Club!

Come along and join us for another amazing Holiday Club adventure at Clyst Heath School this summer!

Games, sports, craft, drama, silly jokes and more! All primary school age children are welcome up to this just finishing year 6. New for this year we have a preschool group especially for those who will be starting school in September 2018. Friendly café for parents to stay for a drink after drop off.

The dates are; Monday 30th July- Thursday 2nd August, 10am-12.30; and a special Sunday morning service, 10.30 on Sunday 5th August.

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Billy Graham

“Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”

Book Your Place At The Trinity Church Weekend

Dear Trinity member

We’re disappointed that, for obvious reasons, the decision has had to be made this morning to cancel our church w/e ‘Looking Up, Looking Out’ programme. We won’t be meeting at all at the Newcourt Community Centre tomorrow (Saturday). Neil Todman, our speaker, is sad, but relieved not be having to try and make his way down to Exeter from Bristol.

From the Met Office forecast, it looks as though Sunday will be wet, but warmer – or should we say ‘less  cold’!  So we are all hoping that the all age family service on Sunday will take place as normal at Clyst Heath, followed by the church family lunch. Jon and Claire’s home group – who are organising the church family lunch say:

“Bring what you have already agreed to bring. But don’t worry if you haven’t been able to get out to buy it – because there will be some assorted food items already bought or prepared for Saturday’s church w/e programme. And whether or not you were able to bring anything in the first place – come along and join us for lunch anyway.”

After we see road and weather conditions hopefully improve, we will get another bulletin out tomorrow confirming the above arrangements forSunday, and giving any necessary additional information.

Best wishes

On behalf of Jonny and the church leadership

John & Kate

Marriage Matters – Course

This will be a simple three weeks with some input from the front and a good amount of time for you to talk with your spouse and strengthen your relationship. Hosted in the Blue Ball Pub, with the chance to enjoy a dessert. Please email if you are thinking about coming as there are limited spaces.

7th and 21st Jan no evening service

Please be aware that the evening service will not be happening on the 7th or the 21st of January. On the 21st there is a churches together prayer meeting at Belmont, please join us there. Otherwise our morning services at Clyst Heath will be running as normal.

Come along this Christmas

Christmas is for everyone and we are putting on a number of services this Christmas so you can connect with God. You may not have been to church for 20 years, you may not have been at all, we want you to know you are most welcome to all of our services.


How do you get into the bible? Easy, just remember SOAP.

Scripture – Pick up the bible and read a section
Observe – Find a particular idea or verse and try to understand what it means in that section
Apply – Think through how that impacts your life
Pray – Ask God or thank God for whatever you have discovered in his word and that you would live in light of it.

One bonus point is that you can simply jot down in a journal or notebook each of those 4 points as you go perhaps a sentence on each. Writing things down is guaranteed to help in remembering what you have read.