2 Corinthians

What is Authentic Christianity? Right at the centre of Christianity is Jesus on a cross. Its seems terribly weak. It looks pathetic. The Corinthians church preferred something a little more ‘powerful’ a little more ‘impressive’. Paul (the guy who founded the community) looked weak and unimpressive and they were moving on. This letter is Paul pouring out his heart showing that weakness shows off God’s power (like Jesus’ death), and although he looks unimpressive he actually has the most impressive love (like Jesus’ death). That’s all to say Paul was trying to show them authentic Christianity.

This page is made for you. It has devotional notes, youtube videos, and a backgrounds for your phone, tablet or computer. All this is so you can understand God’s word better, feel it in your heart, and live the new life he has for you.


Devotional Chapters 1-4
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Weakness J I Packer